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BYTEPATH tutorial

This package contains the following:

  • The full source code to the BYTEPATH game
  • Answers to exercises from article 1 through 9 of the tutorial
  • Source code by article (what the code should look like at the end of each article)
  • Steam key to the game

The license for most of the code is the MIT license, except for game data and assets.

Published 99 days ago


Buy Now$49.99 USD or more

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BYTEPATH-tutorial.zip 61 MB


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Hello ! i am really interesed by this tutorial, but i have miss the discount time, i don't have enought money to buy it full price, are you going to made another discount time ?

Another question, what kind of IDE you use to develop this great game in LUA ?

I hope that your game will be a HIT !


Great tutorial, currently going through it using Haxe. Also, any plans on releasing BYTEPATH on Humble Store? Thanks.

No. Only Steam for now.

Very nice tutorial (I looked at it on GitHub). I was wondering if it would be possible to follow along on Mac? I'm assuming it is, since I've developed with LÖVE on Mac before. Thanks!

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LÖVE works with OSX so it should work fine. There are a few differences here and there that were reported in the comments from people following along on a Mac, but nothing that seemed too big.


It runs correctly on my Mac

With this be released on mobile ?

It will not be released on mobile right now, but depending on how the game does I may do it in the future.

Trying to purchase, but i keep receiving an error from PayPal. Is there anything you can do on your end?

Hey Arxae, I can't really do anything since I don't control itch.io's payment processing. I think this is something you want to ask support about or @leafo (the guy that posted the other comment here). https://itch.io/support


Is it possible to tell us what error you're receiving? You can send an email to support@itch.io if you want to follow up in private. Thanks

I just receive a generic paypal error it seems. https://imgur.com/a/UzwZU


This looks pretty cool. Is the game itself not going to be uploaded, or is it just Steam key to get the game?

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Hey leafo, the game is going to be released on the 23rd and will be available at that time. In this package you have the source code available so you can run that if you want to play it now.